Jenna Laib (she/her)
(JEN-nuh Lai-EEB)

e-mail: jennifer_laib at psbma.org
twitter: @jennalaib

I am employed as a K-8 math specialist & coach near Boston, MA.

Students inspire me. I am privileged to have worked with hundreds of students who regularly share with me their brilliance, their passions, their fears, their apathy, and also when they believe I should reconsider my fashion choices. Students are a big part of why I became an educator, and why I continue to teach.

My role as a school-based math specialist is highly collaborative. You will often find me in my colleagues classrooms, teaching and observing and learning and celebrating all of the beautiful things that happen. (…and commiserating with the classroom teacher when things feel like they aren’t going according to our best laid plans.) We work together to deepen our content knowledge and improve our pedagogical strategies. Sometimes, my colleagues even let me write about the wonderful things that they do!

I also curate SlowRevealGraphs.com.

*Most names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. ALL students are referred to by pseudonyms.*

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